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4.5kg Pure Reed

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Sought after by avocado enthusiasts around the world, Reed avocados are a delicious variety that can often be difficult to find (unless you shop with us of course).

They're generally larger than Hass avocados, and are a green skin variety meaning that the skin doesn't change colour as the fruit ripens. Working out when it's ready to eat is easy though. Just apply a little pressure to the stem on top of the fruit, and if it moves easily then you know you're good-to-go!

IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING DELIVERY: Our Reed avocados are only harvested and dispatched once a week, so please allow a little more time for delivery.

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Customer Reviews

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Holger & Petra Sauter
Just great avos..

We have been buying your produce ( Avo ) when ever we need more of it. They are just great!
However we are realizing that the product er are buying is getting slowly a bit higher cost wise.
We have registered and get your news letter, but have never had a point or a reward offer and wonder
if our purchase reregistered with your office?
Otherwise thanks for selling on line , that is easy shopping. How do we get points, or rewards or things like that? Cheers and all the best keep selling your great Avocados !

Tyree Woodham

Yummy thanks.

yummy Reed

Love my avos from grower outlet. really enjoy the opportunity to have these delicious Reed

Noeline Hoyle

Unfortunately they all ripened at once

Jane Olphert
Best avos ever!

Thank you so much for sending us the best avos we have had in months! We live in the South Island and truly appreciate such great quality avos which are so beautifully packed! Amazing taste, quality and service! Thank you Grower Outlet!