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Last season Hass have finished - New Season Hass available in June

3kg Pure Reed

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Sought after by avocado enthusiasts around the world, Reed avocados are a delicious variety that can often be difficult to find (unless you shop with us of course).

These Avos are massive so there may be as little as 6 in a box. 

They're generally larger than Hass avocados, and are a green skin variety meaning that the skin doesn't change colour as the fruit ripens. Working out when it's ready to eat is easy though. Just apply a little pressure to the stem on top of the fruit, and if it moves easily then you know you're good-to-go!

IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING DELIVERY: Our Reed avocados are only harvested and dispatched once a week, so please allow a little more time for delivery.

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Customer Reviews

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5kg Avocado Reed deal

My Avocados were sent very promptly and came in good condition, but instead of the promised
5kg in the deal for 39.95 & postage, i only received 4.273kg.
A bit disappointed ☹️ 723gr would make up at least another 2 Avocados.

Cheryl Branigan
Reed are the Best!

Reed avocadoes are totally delicious. Creamy, flavoursome and they don't have the stringy consistency that can happen with the Hasss variety. Now my favourites.

Jane Campbell
Love them

Reed are my absolute favourites, putting in my next order right now 😊

Karen clarke

Loved the Reeds our favorite