What variety of avocados do you sell?

At this time of year we sell the Hass variety of avocados. We also sell Reed avocados when in season.

What is the best way to ripen the avos?

We pick and pack the freshest avocados so we know they will arrive in great shape. You can shorten and lengthen the ripening times of your avos. To shorten the ripening time, pop your avos in a paper bag with a kiwifruit or banana and leave in a warm spot in your house. To lengthen the time, simply put a few avos in your fridge. Avocados are generally best left to ripen in your fruit bowl next to other fruit in a warm spot in your house. Then enjoy when ripe!

How long does delivery take?

In most cases we send out the avo boxes on either the same day or the next day we receive your order (excluding weekends). We then place the box in the care of our courier service, Post Haste. Please allow up to 5 working days for regular orders or 7 days for rural orders. Because the avos are picked fresh, they will still be in great condition when they arrive.

What's the difference between these and the supermarket avocados?

There really is no comparison! Ours are picked fresh from the orchard and handled by the picker and the packer. Supermarket avos can go through a dozen sets of hands before they make it to their shelves. Supermarkets often sell 2nd or 3rd grade avocados. We pick ours from the trees, pack them in a box, and send them to you.

How does a subscription work?

When you are on the product page, instead of selecting "One-off Order" select "Subscribe" and you will see a dropdown of frequency options. You can choose weekly, fortnightly, 3-weekly or monthly. You go through and place the order and then you'll receive your first box straight away. Your future boxes on the frequency of your choice. You can make any changes to your subscription by signing up for an account with the same email address you used to place the order.

Can I change how my subscription works?

You can change anything about your subscription (add/remove products/skip a week/pause) by signing up for an account with the same email address you used to place the subscription order.

What does shipping cost?

We have discount shipping rates across the country:

North Island Urban: $4.00
North Island Rural (as defined by NZ Post): $8.00
South Island Urban: $5.50
South Island Rural (as defined by NZ Post): $9.50