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Little Beauties Box

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Experience the charm of our small avocados with the "Little Beauties Box." These petite avocados are a testament that dynamite truly does come in small packages. Perfectly sized for your daily culinary adventures.

This box is curated for those who cherish quality without excess. With 14 avocados, you'll have just the right amount to complement your meals, snacks, or those avocado toast moments. Whether you're a dedicated avocado lover or trying them out for the first time, our "Little Beauties" promise to deliver unmatched taste and freshness.

Ideal for individual servings or smaller households, this box offers a sustainable way to enjoy avocados, minimising waste while maximising flavour. Dive into the delight of perfectly-portioned avocados, and let our "Little Beauties" redefine your avocado experience.

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Customer Reviews

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Ellen Wilson

Absolutely delicious, every single one of them .I've yet to come across a rogue .

Lynn Bosch

These advocado are the best in nz ripen up really well delivery is excellent, just delightful taste. Love them.

Tineke Stokes
Absolutely Fabulous

What a great way to keep up your supply of superfood - great customer service and a never fail courier delivery - thank you all so much we love your avos and in more recent times the added value fruit of lemons and oranges - great thinking .