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Last season Hass have finished - New Season Hass available in June

5KG Persimmons Box

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Bring home the exotic, vibrant flavors of our Bulk Persimmons Box. Each box is packed with 5kg of juicy persimmons. These persimmons are a true sensory experience - from their bright, glossy appearance to their smooth, custard-like texture and honey-sweet taste.

Add these beautiful, nutritious fruits to your diet, and enjoy a burst of sweetness with every bite. Perfect for eating fresh, baking, or adding to salads.

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Perfect persimmons

How wonderful to have these huge persimmons arrive at my door. They are so much better than anything I can get at the shop, in size, condition and flavour. I feel incredibly fortunate to have such lovely local fruit to enjoy with my family, along with the bonus of supporting a grower directly. Thanks!