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3kg Green Kiwifruit Box

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Add a touch of vibrant green to your fruit bowl with our Green Kiwifruit Box. This box comes packed with 3kg of our deliciously juicy and vitamin-rich kiwifruits. 

Each bite of these kiwifruit delivers a sweet, tangy flavour that's sure to delight your taste buds, and is also brimming with dietary fibre and antioxidants.

Whether you're tossing them into your morning smoothie, using them as a garnish for your pavlova, or enjoying them on their own, these kiwifruit are a delight to have. They also serve as excellent ripening companions for your avocados.

Our Green Kiwifruit Box is an affordable and tasty way to enjoy this nutritious fruit. Get this box and experience the sweet and tangy symphony of our kiwifruits in every bite.

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Brian Mullane
Gold Kiwifruit

When shopping these online sites for the 1st time you are ever worried that you may be scammed. That was my reaction when I first placed my order for these kiwifruit as a test case. It seemed ages since placing the order and then hearing back that the order had been received, but the money had already gone. I received the fruit 6 days after ordering and I live rurally, 30ks from my RD delivery base. Fruit in excellent condition. I will be ordering more from this site.