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Last season Hass have finished - New Season Hass available in June

12 Medium Avocados

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These beautifully presented medium avocados are creamy and delicious. This is the perfect treat for the family or a great gift for an avocado lover. These are premium-grade avocados that are packaged with care in a bed of wood wool for their trip to your door. Buy avocados online. Fast New Zealand-shipping.

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Customer Reviews

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Debbie Wilson
The best ever!

I live in South Westland and have had a few deliveries of these beautiful, unspoiled amazing gems!
They always arrive the envy of my neighbors (we have a Community mailbox) no bruises like you get in the supermarket, just beautiful fresh avos. They always arrive well packaged. You well not regret getting them! And they work out so much cheaper than anywhere else! You do have to try them….truely!

John Robertson

the 12 medium i get are very nice they dont take long to ripen also my great granddaughter loves them as will and she is two and a half and she loves them

Produce Order

I saw, I tried, I’m happy I did. Quality produce, packing and care of produce is perfect. The quantity, I’m shook I honestly could picture the quantity of each order, but when we received our order we were really happy with the amount. Oh and the affordability of quality produce, I can not say it enough how much I appreciate those 2 factors, with cost of living fruit and veg is just out of reach for many, so having quality produce at good prices is a huge highlight for our whare.
Thank you and appreciate you all🙂

Arnold Chamove

Questions answered quickly and competently.

Angela Brooke
Delicious Avocados!

Lovely avocados which gradually ripen and then keep really well in the fridge.